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So you have found this site because you do not know where you or your family came from. You may have got stuck after tracking back through the family records and Census reports. Alternatively you might not know your surname because you were adopted. Maybe one of your ancestors changed his name in that period of history between the time when names started and the 1800 census - throwing you off course. Perhaps you have a host of samples - all of which look very similar but need to be seperated into classes of individuals who came from different sons of one particular man a long time back in history?

Ancestral Pattern cannot be all thing to all men but it is amazingly useful to all of these people, because it allows the family historian/sleuth who may not know for certain where the answer lies to home in upon the most likely suspects. It identifies patterns that cannot be seen from simple visual observations by recognising that the values of the DYS numbers in a family group follow the direction of the inherited trait. The current belief amongst geneticists that DYS numbers mutate in a wholly random way (either up or down) is shown by this work not to be correct in family groups. The observation of random movement is only true in population studies. Hence when applied to known family groups (such as those who have common surnames) a pattern can be obtained from which other related members of the group can be identified. All surnames follow their ancestral pattern irrespective of adoption or even if your origin is unknown, because your ancestral pattern will reveal your position in the Tree of Life.

It is easy to compare your ancestral pattern with others simply by preparing a spreadsheet of your own DYS numbers marked according to the numbers and colours of the markers according to the formula adopted by this site. If you do not know what Ancestral Pattern is you need to download the document entitled Unlock Your Past - A guide to Ancestral Pattern. It is available as a download in pdf format and also as html for those who are interested, from Amazon or Smashwords, if you want a Kindle or ipad version. This is essential reading before progressing further.

This site hosts spreadsheet information of the Ancestral Patterns of surnames that have been identified by sample. Ancestral Pattern unlocks the past history of mankind. It doesnt stop at surnames but goes back well beyond the surname barrier (about 1,000 years ago). If you dont believe this can possibly be true test it on your own samples and you will see for yourself. Report your successes and spread the word so that others may beneft from this information.

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